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Well Water

When a home is supplied by well water, it means that they get their drinking, bathing, and cleaning water from the private well on their property. Wells are built by drilling into the ground and accessing an underground aquifer. That water is then pumped into the house. 

  Well water can be full of some unwelcoming sights and smells.  Not to worry, Balanced Water has the right equipment to help you take control and enjoy your water again!

City Water

If water is supplied to your home by the city, it means that the city collected the water, put it through a purification process, and then delivers it to your home via pipes.

City water can vary greatly depending upon the water plant it comes from.  Often times there is a "chemical" like smell in the water and enough calcium hardness to leave stains on the clean dishes.  A whole house water system from  Balanced Water can remove these odors and leave your skin feeling fresh again.  

city & well serives

Reverse osmosis


Drinking water

Reverse Osmosis, commonly referred to as RO, is a process where you demineralize or deionize water by pushing it under pressure through a semi-permeable Reverse Osmosis Membrane.  


Stop wasting money on bottled water, filter your own today!

reverse osmosis services



Pressure Tanks

Balanced Water + Drain carries the top lines of pumps & pressure tanks to meet your needs.

Having issues with your existing pump or tank? We can troubleshoot and service most major brands of equipment

Pumps & pressure tank services
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Hydrogen peroxide


A hydrogen peroxide injection system offers two benefits for home water well systems. First, it sterilizes water by killing microbes and it does this without chlorine. Second, hydrogen peroxide does an amazing job getting rid of odors when combined with a whole-house carbon filter.

hydrogen peroxide injection services

Gas Chlorination

Gas chlorination is a process used primarily for water disinfection. Most people are familiar with the use of chlorine in swimming pools to eliminate bacteria and algae buildup. While this is a well-known application for gas chlorination, there are numerous industrial and water treatment purposes that benefit from chlorine water cleansing as well.

For industrial and commercial purposes, gas chlorination systems are used to effectively monitor and disperse chlorine into water systems on a continuous basis. Through sensitive machinery, chlorine gas is added to the water to maintain a specified residual at all times.

gas chlorintation services
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