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Take Control of your water

Properly treating the water supply to your home/office/business greatly improves daily quality of life for everyone involved.  No matter what you're up against, Balanced Water has the best solution for your situation.  Settling for less is simply UNACCEPTABLE. 


Save money by no longer buying bottled water.


Balanced Water can treat your water to remove foul odors, prevent unsightly stains in your sinks, tub/shower. toilets and appliances.  Enjoy your water once more!

what's in your water

 Whether its city or well water, south Florida is known for its unwelcoming water conditions.  High levels of chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs) and tannins can wreak havoc on a family's peace of mind.  Meanwhile high levels of hardness quietly buildup inside of pipes, appliances and shower walls, causing ugly stains and seemingly dirty dishes. These conditions also result in poor soap sudding in the bubble bath, and that is no way to live. 

Common issues 

common issues with water
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